Trade-Offs in In-House Financial Services Lead Generation

lead generation, business leads, financial services lead generation, accounting leads, financial planning leads, insurance leads, financing leads, financial sales leadsIn business you have to spend money to make money. If you want to take your company to new heights then you are going to have to put an investment behind it – better marketing and a better financial services lead generation campaign. As such, you may have already put a budget behind the creation of your own in-house department to help you do better in marketing your company and in generating more financial sales leads.

The thing with having your own in-house staff and campaigns, however, is that you inevitable trade-off something in the process of doing so. After all, you made an investment. No one ever said that there would only ever be positive results when you parted with your money and decided to hire your own staff and department for lead generation.

An in-house B2B lead generation campaign has its perks – you’ll be in total control of what goes on, you get to see the action happen right there and then and you can take matters into your own hands immediately when the situation calls for it. However, as said above, there are somethings which you trade-off in the process.

Here are some things which you trade-off in the process:

You may trade-off efficiency.

Your lead generation campaign may become efficient in the long run, however, during the early parts of your campaign it may not work and be as efficient as you want it to be. Do you think your campaign will generate accounting leads, financial planning leads, financing leads or insurance leads? Surely, it will get you a few and maybe more leads, however, will those leads convert into sales?

The efficiency of your campaign should be based off on whether it is able to generate leads that convert into sales and get you a positive ROI in the process. Having lead generation done in-house may mean that you have to train your team and that means that you will have to start fresh as they learn the ropes in how to be effective at their job of generating business leads.

You may trade-off needed resources.

In order to start an in-house campaign you will first have to consider putting aside an amount of resources to allocate to your new campaign – you need to put money behind your new venture. However, you are not assured of getting the results you want to see. As such, you may risk making an investment in something that will eat up your resources, some of which you could have put to better use elsewhere.

As you can see, these may be some things which you trade-off in your pursuit of creating your very own in-house lead generation campaign. These things, however, may not even happen when you decide to enact your own campaign. Let these serve as a reminder though on some of the possibilities which may occur.


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