Outsource For Your Accounting Leads To Make Your Own Accounting Firm More Cost-Efficient

Generate Sales LeadsAccounting firms are not the first in the BPO business to make the cost-efficiency claim. However, you should really make sure that you live up to that claim by reducing costs without compromising the quality of your services. Oddly enough, you can do this by following the same advice you might have already suggested your B2B prospects and customers: reduce the costs of non-core processes.

In your case though, you need to reduce the costs of generating your accounting leads.

There are many reasons why accounting leads can be expensive but more importantly, why generating them should be considered a non-core process:

  • Data Required – Generating leads requires several forms of data but this data is barely the same type of information that accounting services usually handle. Data on a business lead covers that business’ contact information, the nature of their business, the decision maker involved, what their budget is etc. Regardless, like accounting information, information on business leads have their own standards of quality
  • Methods Utilized– Lead generation is a task usually left to marketing. Marketing itself can be ruled as a non-core process. Yes, it’s important to promote your business but the costs of doing it in-house can eat a tidy sum out of your financial resources. This is because the tools require a very heavy investment and this doesn’t even begin to mention the many types of marketing that one can invest in. 
  • Technology Support– Speaking of which, a part of the cost mentioned above draws from the technology needed. You might need to hold information on your prospects on a separate database. The equipment you need to purchase and install needs to enable the marketing approach you are attempting. 
  • Personnel – Of course, methods and tools are useless if you don’t have the actual people who will use them. Unfortunately, recruiting and training these people adds yet another expense to your lead generation strategy.

As stated before, it doesn’t matter if a particular marketing strategy is old or new, digital or traditional, if your company has never been hard-wired to perform that particular process then it’s not a core function. The data you need barely has anything to do with accounting (if at all). A majority of your work force don’t have any mastery of the skills needed. The technology you have cannot support those skills either. Finally, the total cost of investing in all the above four will eventually add to the total costs of your business. By then, it might not be easy to make the claim to cost-efficiency.

Then again, you can say something along the same lines to other businesses with regards to accounting. They may not necessarily have the skills and technology to do it right. How can it be any different with your and your bookkeeping leads?

You see even if you did read a few marketing blogs and try to follow tips, it’s not something an entire business can master over night. Furthermore, it’s not something an accounting business may be eager to master at all when it’s not exactly close to what it specializes in. Thus, the logical conclusion is that you should do a bit of outsourcing yourself just to play it safe. It’s cost-efficient for you and makes you cost-efficient for your prospect businesses.

About financialsalesleads
I work as a business development manager, specializing in lead generation and appointment setting for accounting, tax and financial services. You ca visit http://www.ledgerleads.com for more information.

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